Presentation to the City

Club Calabrese President, Albert Novello, made a presentation to Mayor Debbie Amoroso in Council chambers in acknowledgement of the City’s 100th anniversary and its Celebrate 100! program. The engraving on the plaque reads:

Club Calabrese of Sault Ste. Marie recognizes and congratulates the Corporation of the City of Sault Ste. Marie on 100 years of growth and success as a corporation and as a safe, Naturally Gifted city embracing many cultural traditions that enhance the quality of life, work and play for all

Sault Area Hospital Cheque Presentation & Tour

In June, 2011, Club Calabrese of Sault Ste. Marie continued its support Sault Area Hospital in its quest to purchase expensive equipment which is required to meet changing demands. Dr. Anis Aziz, a urologist, requires specialized and expensive equipment such as a hydroflex pump which aids in the visualization of stones so they can be removed from the kidney or ureter; a laparoscope, a much less invasive method of surgery that can be used in procedures such as the removal of a kidney due to cancer. Previously, patients had to travel for such surgery.

Previous donations supported the purchase of equipment to for Dr. Damian Micomonaco’s practice, a ear, nose and throat specialist.

“With the new laparoscopic and endourology equipment, I look forward to being able to provide the same expert care and service in oncology and stone surgical treatment here as would otherwise only be available at out-of-town referral centres. I thank all donors for their continued support in advancing high level medical care in our community,” says Dr. Aziz.